Lee Hyori Featuring Ceejay – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I swear to kamisama that Hyori-unnie has been watching a lot of films. Last time she did Black Balloons and creepy clow in a gloomy beach, which was totally arthouse. This time around she’s totally District 9 meets The Fifth Element meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I love it. xD Thanks for the Hyori video-bombarding, Julz.

Hyori in the yellow feathery coat looks like a little pollito. LOL

2 responses to Lee Hyori Featuring Ceejay – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  1. I was almost waiting for her to drop a huaino in that pollito outfit!
    I like the video and the song!
    Now that you have given me the green light to bombard you with Kpop goodness, bombard you I shall!

  2. and hyori with the fluffy messy hair looks like a 10-year-old, so says the one who no one believed was over 18 when I tried renewing my ID this year.

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