Air Doll Subbed Trailer

Though I feel the trailer spoils the film a bit too much.
The only person who can answer this is Julz…
Does it?

I love Kore-eda’s work and sensibilities as a director. He always gets to me. And doe-eyed Doona Bae is always so good to see. Perfect to play a blow-up doll. LOL

4 responses to Air Doll Subbed Trailer

  1. DOONA!!! Can’t wait for this movie. I don’t think she’s been in anything for a while now.

  2. Can’t remember either.
    Was it Lady Vengeance?

  3. That was the shittiest trailer I have seen in a while.
    And yes, it does spoil the movie but just one scene and that is like the best scene in the whole movie!
    Now I am all angry cus this shitty trailer hardly makes one want to watch this movie. AND IT IS A GREAT MOVIE WTH!

  4. I knew it. But I still wanna watch it.

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