Best of 2009: Songs

December 23, 2009 — 1 Comment

Well I don’t think I have listened to much 2009 music, and I know there are a couple of albums that are still on my list of “want to listen” but I figured if I wasn’t rushing to get them, I wasn’t gonna fall madly in love with them.

So here is my provisional list of best 2009 songs. I’m also planning a Best Songs of 2000-2009, but that’s gonna take wayyyyyyyy longer. At the moment I have pre-selected the songs from 2000-2006 which are nearly 500 songs. I need to listen to all of them and begin taking songs out. I’m pushing for a 100 songs list.

Here goes~~~

  1. Chang Shi Lei – 洪湖水浪打浪 (Honghu Shui Lang Da Lang) –
    Endless Waves in Honghu Lake
    This is most definitely my favorite track of the year (from my fave album too). In it, Chang Shi Lei (常石磊) experiments with the traditional song and infuses it with heavy-ish rock and electronic sounds to create the most amazing song I’ve heard in a long time.
  2. Eason Chan – Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m. (Xiami)
    This is also an amazing song, less experimental, but really great nonetheless.
  3. Crowd Lu – Oh Yeah!!! (YouTube)
    Crowd Lu makes it to #3 with this song for making me happy and smile since it came out.
  4. Salyu – HALFWAY (Xiami)
    HALFWAY was a pretty boring movie, but this song was definitely the best part of it. With it’s simple instrumentation and soothing harmony… this one is a winner.
  5. Yang Qian Qi – 轰隆隆 (Hong Long Long) – Roaring Explotion
    Yang Qian Qi (杨千墀) makes it to #5 with not even a single from a none album, just a random track I found online because apparently she’s very indie.To prove that Asian music has just become much more interesting than most of the stuff that’s coming out lately. I really couldn’t believe my Top5 songs of 2009 were Asian.
  6. Emily Loizeau – Sister (Xiami)
  7. Phoenix – 1901 (Xiami)
  8. Sodagreen – 掌聲落下 (Zhang Sheng Luo Xia) – Applause (Xiami)
  9. David Tao – 應徵愛 (Ying Zheng Ai) – Adoration (Xiami)
  10. Bibi Chow (Zhou Bichang) – 唱响幸福 (Chang Xiang Xing Fu)
    Singing of Happiness (Xiami)
  11. Bill Callahan – Jim Cain (Xiami)
  12. Olafur Arnalds – Ljósið – Light (Xiami)
  13. La Patere Rose – PaceMaker (YouTube)
  14. The Swell Season – The Verb (Xiami)
  15. MONKEY MAJIK – アイシテル (AISHITERU) – I Love You (Xiami)
  16. LaLa – 出口 (Chu Kou) – Export (Xiami)
  17. John Mayer – Who Says (Xiami)
  18. RubberBand – 天台飛人 (Tin Toi Fei Yan)
    Flying the Roof (Xiami)
  19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Xiami)
  20. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker (Xiami)

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  1. La mejor es Butterfly del verdadero G-Dragon (gustos son gustos).

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