Dear Hyori-unnie~

November 6, 2009 — 5 Comments

I love how you mean-girl people.

I just finished trying to catch up on Family Outing because Diana and I are meeting to watch the latest episode, and I hope to get together for some KFood as well, because every time I finish watching the show I get hungry. No matter if it’s 2am and I’m supposed to go to bed.

I saw the Farewell episodes, and the two episodes welcoming the Park Siblings. I miss Savage and Lovable Ye-jin-unnie, and Chunderella. Ye-jin is so efficient, right? How can they fill up those shoes?

Please, Hyori-unnie, keep on mean-girling people. You remind me of someone I haven’t talked in over a year, and I don’t even know where this person is to send an “analog” letter, because apparently my Digital Design friends are mostly analog now. Ironic.

Hyori-unnie, keep wearing those glasses. They suit you, and not everyone can wear them. Keep wearing sweats and slacks, and be sporty… also, keep picking on Jaesuk-oppa ‘coz it’s just too funny to watch.

Also, piece of friendly advice. Don’t mess around with scandal… or, to borrow from you “You Die”.

5 responses to Dear Hyori-unnie~

  1. You will love her in the latests epis….
    She is just so lol
    I am amazed that you are loving so hard on FO, if you want names to other Korean shows that are also funny as hell, do let me know!

  2. julz-unnie – check out the “email” on the computer you use to post that comment. There is a typo.

    I really enjoy Hyori’s personality on FO, more than her musical persona LOL Yes, I downloaded her album. The first one was rubbish. LOL, I mean… I literally wondered out loud about it. Her third one was kinda catchy though.

    But still… FO Hyori >>>>>> Music Diva Hyori.

    which one is the real one?
    I dunno. I’d like to think it’s the FO Hyori.

  3. Es un mate d risa!
    Ya vi el ultimo episodio! POR FIN SALE DAESUNGGG!
    Pero me muero x ver el q va a salir DARA y After School’s UEE >.<
    xq Hyori es Big Bang's fan hahaha!

  4. Opps, it is now fixed!

    I also think that FO Hiory is the real one, she is so down to earth and so damn witty. I love her!

    My parents are coming over today so I am goin to make some ramyun soup FO style! You know, just toss everything I have in my fridge, add some chili paste and then noodles. Works a charm every time!

  5. Maca, hoy voy a verlo con diana xD
    oh! me olvide!

    “Dear Hyori-unnie, why did you give TOP a piquito??? Don’t you know that kissing idols for show grants you loads of crazy fans??? To borrow from you again… You Die!” xD

    It’s FO day with KFood! xD

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