Jim Carrey’s Got a New Website~

November 6, 2009 — 5 Comments


First, I have to admit something. I used to find Jim Carrey kind of attractive. LOL – There, I said it. I don’t care, most people I know don’t read this blog anyway. Hahaha. But Julz does, and I know she’ll probably have a field trip with this. She will either admit a crush too, or point it out from here on to make fun of it for the rest of my life xD

Anyway… website talk! I haven’t fully navigated through it because, either my internet connection is REALLY and I mean REALLY slow today, or this website weighs a ton because it took me 3 refreshes and more than a 2-minute load to just have the website appear. I mean, seriously~~~ 3 refreshes for the loading page to appear?

But still, I like the look. It’s pretty. I know. But navigating through some of the sections, I just tried clicking on stuff, but things took ages to load — I mean, I know. I get it, the transitions are nifty. But I don’t like waiting for my transition to load, you know? Waiting and then find out it’s just a transition?

Check it out yourself at JimCarrey.com

Will navigate through it later in the night, or over the weekend. Hopefully, it’s just my internet connection. How can it be? I hate telephones and mobiles, but can’t live without the internet. xD

5 responses to Jim Carrey’s Got a New Website~

  1. *sniggers*
    *tries to keep the teasing comments at bay*


  2. But I am not that surprised you know? You seem to have a thing or quirky persons….

  3. can’t stand him as The Mask though. Hahaha

  4. I love the fact that his website image encorperated his movies/..To ba it took me while to do the math and figure out the othr movie was 23 haah

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