Okaasan to Issho: Itou Mayu, Bye–bye~

May 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

I haven’t really been properly following Okaasan to Issho — this means I haven’t been practicing my Japanese much — so I was really REALLY surprised: first, when they changed the weather mascots so soon. I suspect it didn’t suit well with the whole Tohoku Earthquake. They seemed to have lasted just a couple of years compared to some of the others…

Anyway, the second thing that surprised me was… Itou Mayu is no longer there! Apparently she did her last show by the end of March. Sadly, I haven’t found any clip of that online.

What I did fine was a clip of her doing some – sorta – interpretative dance.


I also found her blog.

I love the internet. Remember when it was soooo difficult to find stuff?

Anyway, I didn’t know that she was this young. She’s only 6 years older than me… and I thought she was, uffff, way ahead of that. It’s crazy. I also find it crazy that she’s a pretty good dancer and so fit… I”m not used to this type of skill in people that I see on children shows. Usual Peruvian kid shows have models… who most of the times don’t even like kids. LOL I also love that one of Itou Mayu’s listed “skills” is a simple “eats well” or I guess… “healthy eating.

ANYWAY (again).

I also ran into this clip, which apparently was done for the 50th anniversary of the show. (おかあさんといっしょ 50周年夏特集). If I did my calculations right, the clip must’ve been done in 2009. To me, it’s crazy the show has been running for 50 years. LOL

2 responses to Okaasan to Issho: Itou Mayu, Bye–bye~

  1. Itou Mayo is the best dancer on the show . Have you ever noticed that she never gets to sing. Only the two main couple sing while the other two (including Itou Mayo) just do actions although they sometimes talk. Do you know the names of the other three cast members?
    I have one dvd. Where can I find more to watch?

    • That’s because there’s always two singing and two for gymnastics as noted in Okaasan post :)

      All the info on the show from then is in that post.

      I miss Itou Mayu, I’m not very fond of the new girl and her pantomime exercise, but I did love Mayu’s 3 o’clock and tractor exercise. xD I think they should have several Okaasan DVDs on Amazon Japan, just have to mind which ones are the ones with her. Single clips are impossible since NHK is so restless with their copyright.

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