New Girl Crush?

Must be that hole in my heart that left my years of Britney Spears listening. LOL

So I began watching Family Outing, at the request of Diana who slips those “you must watch Family Outing” or “the other day in Family Outing…” or those FB messages stating how funny Family Outing was — so I watched Family Outing with my dad today after a rough debate day.

And ZOMG, Lee Hyori?? Are you the answer to the Britney hole in my heart? xD

True, U Go Girl is pretty much average (but pretty much catchy, so isn’t that what it’s all about?), and well *cough cough* that video is uhm… pretty much what a lot of guys dream about. As far as live performances go? I’ve seen 2 — and NO, that “smooch” with TOP wasn’t really a smooch — but she seemed pretty average in both, in my opinion.

I really really like her on Family Outing though. I can’t believe (or can?) that she’s 30, and in such a much better state than so many other pop princesses on my side of the world. Maybe they should be taking note? She’s sassy, and pretty bossy — LOL, she scares me — but I also luv her for it xD And I think she looks so much better casual (sweatpants and baggy clothing) than over-made up like she is on her videos, even though she is pretty rocking on that hybrid music-video/commercial thing after the break~~~

5 responses to New Girl Crush?

    Do you ever listen to what I say? *is butthurt*

  2. btw
    U will love the Daniel Henney episode! LOVE!

  3. You never fuzzed about a whole episode! Plus, you shoulda posted a Hyori photo/screencap with sweatpants, LOL.

    Daesung’s such a dork.

  4. LOVEEE F.O.
    YA VISTE EL D TOP como GUEST? jajaja
    El d Rain es un cague d risa tmb XD

  5. LOL
    Literalmente llore de la risa, to be honest. xD
    Mi papa tmb se mato d la risa jaja
    este Domingo de seguro vemos xD

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