Two-Bay City by Essay Wang

Sad Lesbian Love Story
Music Video
and geeky dude. xD

it’s not the first time though~~~

A few years back, according to my research LOL – the first out Chinese singer Qiao Qiao (I’m guessing from mainland China) released the following music video. Ai Bu Fen (Love Regardless of…)

To be honest, though~ This second song isn’t that good, I think. But that’s my personal opinion.

4 responses to Two-Bay City by Essay Wang

  1. *sobs*
    That was so heartbreaking!
    U know that I am a sucker for a good lesbian story.. *sob sob sob*

    First song was good but those glasses don’t suit the singer
    Second song was oki, I guess that the lyrics are very pretty and therefore they have not done much to the melody?

  2. those glasses are *in* lately in Asia. Essay Wang has some pretty good tracks. 2nd track, it’s got another name in English “Love doesn’t discriminate” but that is just so… bland. LOL not like “my” translation is better. I just think “Love regardless of…” is less blunt in your face. xD It’s a more literal translation anyway…

    I dunno what is it about the 2nd song, the whole combo of the music and her voice… it doesn’t quite feel right. Now, if Bibi were to sing that – that would be a different subject.

    First video is so sad though xD

  3. Your Bibi bias is just to much…
    The second song disturbs me with the electric guitars going on and the lack of fluency in the melody… needs more work and then it would be an osm track

  4. bibi can’t do no wrong buahahaha
    except when she dances. LOL
    Bibi should not dance in her presentations,
    I’d be more than happy to just see her sitting there
    singing and pouring her heart out in song. xD

    She’d be perfect for an MTV Unplugged.

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