most searched for terms these past 2 weeks~

September 18, 2009 — 4 Comments
  1. mori girl
  2. web
  3. amy wong personal
  4. all about lily chou chou
  5. amy wong porn
  6. aoi yu
  7. takumi mitani
  8. amy wong porno
  9. amy wong sex
  10. yu aoi

*bolding mine. HAHAHAHA. Gosh! Who looks for that? Fantasizing with Futurama much? Hentai, I get… but come on. I wonder if there’s people looknig for American Dad, Family Guy and The Simpsons’ porno. Seriously, guys… stop these weird searches. Spend a few bucks, watch some regular porno. xD

Other than that… yay! for Yu Aoi searches!! xD
Also… I’m sorry Yu that you have to share your searches with porno and sex searches.

4 responses to most searched for terms these past 2 weeks~

  1. ROFL
    porn starring you
    *bad mental image*

  2. u shouldn’t have gone that way…

    this is my mom’s fault for choosing such a common name. LOL so common I end up in Futurama. u.u

  3. And it is not like that character is powerful or just osm, she is so blahhhhhhhhhhh

  4. She’s pretty funny in Spanish dub,
    but yeah. Then again, never been a huge Futurama fan.

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