When you ask me to fangirl…

August 16, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’ll fangirl, but I doubt Isabelle Huppert would appreciate that fangirling. In fact, when I fangirl – I don’t gush. I do the opposite. I will not bother you. It’s a very fine line for me from ignoring someone because I don’t really care, to try to ignore someone because I know they don’t want to be disturbed.

Blame my mom for it. LOL

Anyway, I got to see Isabelle Huppert pretty up close.

The whole “people don’t shove your camera onto her face” thing didn’t work out here. Everyone was flashing her(with their cameras, not the other type of flashing… though that’d be hilarious),
but I was at bay.

So here is a photo-chronic LOL

This is the shot of Isabelle Huppert who had just arrived to the city surrounded by cameras, even though they told us to make way for her…


Literally, it just left me gaping at the way we follow the rules…
specially since we didn’t really know what she would do,
would she be all diva on us? I’ve seen people playing the card when
you break ‘their rules’ – and some are even more unprofessional~~~

Luckily, Mme. Huppert was all dandy and even gave this smile~


And I have to say that tonight she seemed even more friendly…
she was definitely more relaxed and even cracked more jokes…
and I have to say somehow, I love this shot~~~


She wooshed inside, but stood there to take enough photos but everyone was flashing.
I know it’s dark… but it was just too much flashing. Plus, flashing is hard on the skin~
If it were Sophia Loren, she would’ve raped us with her sunglassed-cover-eyes-glare LOL

But Mme. Huppert was happy to get her award, and she even spoke
some Spanish – which as Julyssa knows, it’s major fangirl crush LOL –
her French was pretty toned down… either that, or I can understand more
than I thought which would be great to know~


People gave her a standing ovation (not for so long, but people did stand up),
but afterward, that was pretty much it. She took some time to leave,
took some photos, but ultimately left without many making a fuzz~~~


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