Amy’s Experiment Awards *Update 1*

May 17, 2009 — Leave a comment

Here’s the main post.

If you’re too lazy to read that, I said to be eligible to vote you’d have to at least watch 48 films a year. We are halfway May… almost halfway through 2009, and… according to IMDb’s, I’ve got only 14 films listed as 2009. And one of them is a straight-to-video and the other is a short film hahaha. So that leaves me with freaking 12 films in 2009!!! 12 films in half a year, WTF!!! At that rate *I* won’t even be legible for voting on my own awards hahahaha.

Anyway, besides from those films… I have 9 other films that I want to see, and have already (seems like) been released somewhere in the world. Starting with… Precious (aka, Push), The Soloist, Los Abrazos Rotos, Blood: The Last Vampire, Coco avant Chanel, Up, The Young Victoria, New York I Love You… and the soon to be Terminator Salvation.

That makes it… 21. Will I make it?

If you wanna know how well you’re doing, head over to IMDb’s Power Search,

  1. select the 2009 films,
  2. exclude tv series, tv movies, direct to video and episodes…
  3. with a minimun of 50 votes (well distribute films usually have over that number of votes),
  4. sort results based on my vote rating (if you have an IMDb account)
  5. search!

Other interesting films not-yet-released here.

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