Eurovision 2009… Mmmkay?

May 17, 2009 — 2 Comments

Norway? Really?? Look, I think fiddling is cool [just look at Mairead from Celtic Woman doing The Butterfly], tiny as she is… she totally pawns this Alexander Rybak dude. So I took the time… REALLY, watched ALL the entries… some where good others were just AWFUL… case and point, Bulgaria. How can Bulgaria do that after having Elitsa Todorova with Stoyan Yankoulov and the song Water in 2007’s contest?

And just to get this out of the way… Sweden, Malena Ernman could totally beat me up with those muscles. LOL

Who I thought was the best? In not a mainstream way…

Slovakia – Kamil Mikulcik with Nela Pociskova – Let Tmou

Who are the rest? And who seem to be mainstream good?

In no particular order…

Lithuania – Sasha – Son Love

Moldova – Nelly Ciobanu – Hora Din Moldova

2 responses to Eurovision 2009… Mmmkay?

  1. OMG I hate eurovision with such a passion, sucky music that gets exposed everywhere just cus it is sucky..
    dsjfnlksndf *anger*

  2. LOL

    Come on, Elitsa Tororova’s is good.
    There are some silly though… xD
    Like the Elvis-ish impersonator hahahaha, or the glitter-y tuxed-trio hahahaha… or last year’s air-hostesses. hahahaha

    Plus, it’s worth it for Graham.

    And after all… ABBA did win for Waterloo~~~ 3P

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