For Fans, by the Fans: The Hunt for Gollum Trailer

Looks pretty darn good… aside from one or two things on the trailer ;)

Check it out yourself…

[iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”″]

Or you know… you can watch the French & Saunders version~

4 responses to For Fans, by the Fans: The Hunt for Gollum Trailer

    A movie by fans for fans? OMFG!! *spazz*

  2. realz~
    and possibly an online release? I luvs the idea~~

  3. I love it so much!
    Now if someone could do this but on HP and have Harry and Herm get together….. Like a harmony production or something >_<

  4. Perhaps in a few years, when the HP fandom is more hmmm… what’s the word? like a good wine? LOL

    I think HP fandom is very young, so it needs some time before it catches up to the LotR fans~~

    Would love a Harmony ending~~ sighs, on that note- did you see the new HBP trailer? Damn those trailer makers, they’re good…

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