Mamamoo Remix by Moomoo

November 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

A moomoo, I don’t know if it’s 붕붕 (with this current twitter handle, amoo0619), released all the remixes they had done with Mamamoo soundbites after Moonbyul had asked about the Hwasa x Ghost soundbite from their MMMTV; and it’s hilarious – especially if you know where the soundbite comes from xD.

So, of course, I added it to my library.

xD Hardcore moomoo now, na?

Also~~~ is anybody else smelling of low-key comeback? Whee-in was just asking for a Hwasa Lion soundbite. What if… they release a troll album O_O with Sleeping in the Car as lead single xD

I also took the time to put together with English titles~~~ Most of the titles had the English when downloading the file, but I picked up the dictionary in some words.

  1. 문방구송 – Moonfart Song
  2. 화사와 귀신 – Hwasa x Ghost
  3. 휘인의 작품 – Wheein’s Piece
  4. 반짝반짝 문별입니다 – Banjjag Banjjag Moonbyul Ibnida
  5. 저는 서울에서온 뀻뜨뀻뜨 김용선입니다 – I’m Cute Cute Kim Yongsun from Seoul
  6. 마마무의 피자바 – Mamamoo’s Pizza Bar
  7. 휘인의 입맛 – Wheein’s Taste
  8. 심심한 휘인 – Bored Wheein
  9. 마마무 안돼, 돼 – Mamamoo, Yes or No
  10. 휜캣 – Wheein Cat
  11. 마마무 베토벤 바이러스 – Mamamoo Beethoven Virus
  12. 휘인의 생일파티 파트 투 – Wheein’s Birthday Party Part Two
  13. 마마무 핑팬 – Mamamoo PinPan (this is Pink Panties, right?)
  14. 뵤리휘니 – Byul-E/Wheein-i
  15. 용콩별콩 – YKBK
  16. 휘인의 생일파티 (용몰이 역습) – Wheein’s Birthday Party (Yong Counterattack)
  17. 전국노래자랑 마마무편 – Mamamoo National Singing Contest
  18. 혜진 디제이 교실 – Hwasa’s DJ School
  19. 혜진 생일 몰카 – Hwasa’s Birthday Hidden Camera
  20. 마마무 언프랩 – Mamamoo I’m Pretty Rapstar
  21. 마마무 1cm의 자존심 Behind
  22. 마마무의 Hotline Bling (MAMAMOO Mix)
  23. 마마무 납량특집 – Mamamoo Special Feature (Scary Song) [from the haunted house on Showtime xDDDDDDDDDDD]
  24. 마마무의 빅맥송 – Mamamoo’s Big Mac Song
  25. 마마무 아웃트로 리믹스 – Mamamoo Outro Remix

This fandom, tho. *clap clap clap* Thank you for the electroswing Mamamoo soundbites, moomoo~

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