My Reasons Why the 90’s Ruled or Not – Part VII

March 17, 2009 — 1 Comment

… well more like making you remember. LOL I think I might have perhaps talked about this on previous Why the 90’s Ruled or Not editions. But here it goes,

You LUV it, right? The video, LOL –  you’re free to go after the break to keep on reading… travel through time!!! xD

It started out a few weeks ago, when The Ellen Show was on and that little girl who sang a lot of Jackson 5’s music was singing another Jackson 5 song, but I didn’t really made the connection with them, instead I connected them with my 90’s. Yes, Blame it on the Boogie was a Spanish song to me…

Luis Miguel might be Mimi’s divalicious counterpart, meaning he is probably a douche… but I even have to admit that he had a certain appeal. Maybe not now… but oh he was a pretty boy! Hahaha, oh and the cutting of the hair!!

But of course, that wasn’t all. I didn’t really pay much attention to my 90’s reference until my friend gave me a belated-lated birthday gift, of a book that feels very intellectual as it’s described as a “chess thriller” – now, no offense to all chess players, but chess hardly means thrill to me. I’m probably one of the worse persons you would decide to play chess with… ANYWAY, the chess reference reminded me that all I know about chess is Ricky Martin – of course, I’m talking about Juego de Ajedrez. Obviously, Ricky was part of my 90’s. Man! THAT hair… LOL

Listening to those songs, watching the videos… it’s too much not to prompt another 90’s post. Right??? So growing up with Magneto and Vuela Vuela is not enough, there was also the over-and-over again version of Subete a mi Moto by Menudo, or Los Fantasmas del Caribe with Muchacha Triste. However, little girls had their own thing, you know? Like Gloria Trevi with Pelo Suelto… I recall a bunch of girls dressed up for school performance like that xD And come on, how can you forget Thalia with her yellow-flower-tee and Amarillo Azul… or crazy Paulina Rubio back in her balada days with Mio. And a special mention to Daniela Romo with Que Vengan los Bomberos xD

However, those weren’t the ones being played at kids parties… they were played, but not as often. No, no… I’m talking about such 90’s kids party classics such as El Baile del Perrito, Pa lo Coquitos, El Meneito, Sopa de Caracol,  the Lambada song, and El Apagon. Hahaha… Don’t forget about the Locomia hits – I’m talking about Locovox, Locomia and Rumba Samba Mambo. xD Oh oh! And Jordi, man! Jordi and his it’s difficult being a baby… LOL I had the tape hahahaha, so I also liked Alison, and Les Boules *laughs*

And because my cousin used to live in front of the Playland Park, we are very familiar (though he might not entirely remember) the following songs by Chimo Bayo (whose name I had just discovered) – La Tia Enriqueta and Xta Si Xta No. LOL AND!! And Dr. Alban!!! With No Coke! That’s a classic man! hahaha.

And some of Rock Peru!!!! LOL

Miki Gonzales – Akundun
Miki Gonzales – Chicle, Cigarrillos, Caramelos
Sangre Purpura – Que te Pasa Javier (Travesti)
Los Nosequien y los Nosecuantos – Los Patos y las Patas
LNsq y los Nsc – Las Torres
“” “” – Magdalena
“””” – Yo Fui Lorna
Mama, No te Robes mi Yamaha
Ballena Azul
Alan, Alan

So there you go!

Part of the Time Machine: Back to the 90′s Blogathon

One response to My Reasons Why the 90’s Ruled or Not – Part VII

  1. Why is Alban blocked from my country when he is Swede?
    Omg loca a ot of this stuff I didn't grow up with cus I moved to Sweden in 92. I only have vague memories of stanning Luis Miguel while in school. GDI he was so handsome and had such a nice voice!
    I missed the Locomia! I am so sad!

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