Lainey’s Riddles Help!

March 17, 2009 — 3 Comments

I love Lainey, it’s the only gossip site I read. LOL I used to watch E! Online until Steve Kmetko and Jules Asner sort of disappear from my television, and regular American E! was sort of taken over E! Latino. And they I just find them annoying… I also haven’t care for anything they comment on.

I knew Lainey from getting to watch eTalk, and getting her few minutes on TV… and then just sort of discovered her website years later. She’s the best… but her riddles always make my head hurt, until I found~~~

This Blind Items Exposed blog – where they dedicate their blogging time in posting many sites blind items or riddles, and try to guess. I only read the Lainey labeled stuff, but sure… help yourself to all the gossip in there. The comments (at least on the Lainey riddles) are really good.

Hope you find it helpful for your time-wasting activities~~~

There’s also the Facebook group, in case you want to procastinate some more. But it’s strictly based on member approval, so just hit the ‘join’ and wait.

3 responses to Lainey’s Riddles Help!

  1. the latest riddle had me in such a frenzy….talk about smutty!

  2. damn that website is addicting!!! I cannot stop reading!

  3. hahahaha, yeah I was like that when I first found that. They are totally awesome with helping guess… yes, they make my life easy x’D

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