Just to Spite You~~

January 7, 2009 — Leave a comment

LOL, Canadian Government, xD

Four months ago (maybe five) I had a ticket to see BackStreet Boys at GM Place in Vancouver, but Canada didn’t let me in even though my friend was getting married. So I missed her wedding, missed seeing my friends and I missed BSB. Damn you, Canada.

Anyhoo, later I find that BSB is coming here. Crappy end of the deal? “Mundo Pop” is not a BSB show. CRAPPY. Also in the show is Belanova, which is pretty bleh, and Adammo (??) Who the frak. Oh, yeah~ and tickets are pricey. And there are a LOT of sections. You know, normally should be 2 zones… General and VIP, but NO! We take zones to another whole new level~~~ First, we took it to Super VIP. Yeah, there’s a Super Zone, but that’s not it! Take this concert as an example… there’s General, Preferencial, VIP… Super VIP… Kandavu (the company organizing the concert), and then there’s BSB. Normally, I would’ve chucked the price of the ticket~ Like I did Bjork. xD

I was about to buy a BSB zone, but let’s face it… ++$100 for a ticket is not exactly MY thing. said the one who wouldn’t chuck $60 to see Dixie Chicks. LOL’ – I still buy cds, so I still give away my money. There should be a deal, right? Show receipt of a recent (name of the tour) album and get a discount. xD

BSB en Lima Ticket

Also, Belanova doesn’t seem to fit with BSB… just saying. But I’ve got an open mind, I will let both groups try to impress me. But yeah… I’m paying this just to spite Canadian Gov. LOL otherwise I wouldn’t have chucked that money xD

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