Full BackStreet Boys Unbreakable Concert Review

February 27, 2009 — 2 Comments

Okay, if you haven’t read the Quickie one, do so here

I needed some time to find the setlist, which I couldn’t really find so you’ll have to rely on my memory and how it connects the online videos of the concert. Lucky for you, Wikipedia did a fairly good job… I think.

Here’s the songs that were played:

  1. Larger than Life/Everyone/Any Other Way
  2. You Can Let Go/Unmistakable/I Want it that Way
  3. She’s like the Sun – Howie’s Solo
  4. Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely
  5. More than That
  6. Spanish Eyes
  7. Trouble Is
  8. Incomplete
  9. Drive by Love – AJ’s Solo
  10. Panic
  11. Blow your Mind/I Got You – Nick’s Solo
  12. Quit Playin’ Games (With my Heart)/As Long as You Love Me/All I Have to Give
  13. Nunca te Hare Llorar/I’ll Never Break your Heart
  14. Inconsolable
  15. Welcome Come – Brian’s Solo
  16. The One/Treat me Right/The Call
  17. Everybody
  18. Shape of my Heart (Encore)

This is a quick playlist I put together from YouTube videos…

[iframe width=”480″ height=”385″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/p/A46F1CE4F7F678D7&hl=en”]

After the 4 Adammo songs, and the 6-ish Belanova songs… I was just hoping BackStreet Boys sang more than a couple… this is the reason why I was not disappointed.

The show began with a medley of Larger than Life (Millenium) in a boxing mat, that later turned into Everyone (from Black & Blue) and turned into Any Other Way (from Unbreakable).



They later changed into a more soothing ensemble of clothing, and began performing You Can Let Go, and Unmistakable (Unbreakable) and ended performing I Want it that Way. It didn’t really matter that the song was one of the most popular around the world, because everyone was singing all the songs… maybe except for the solo projects, but I’ll get to that in a minute or so.

Actually, after that Howie did the first solo of the night… the Latin-ish She’s like the Sun. He pulled some Moonwalk of his own (Oh, I didn’t mention that one of the songs during the Belanova/BSB break was I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, LOL) – Anyway, he also moved his hips a bit…

Then all went black and they set a cocktail bar kind of table and began performing Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely all theatre-y and stuff.

BackStreet Boys - Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely


Then they moved around the things, brough a few stools to sit while singing More than That, and finally ended up singing Spanish Eyes, which Howie modified a bit to sing “Peruvian Eyes” instead. They also sang one of my favorite songs on Unbreakable (the other being Treat me Right, produced by NSYNC’s own JC Chasez) – Trouble Is. And finally sang Incomplete from Never Gone… which I’m pretty sure was the only song from that album they sang.

Afterward, AJ came out and did his solo stuff, Drive by Love which was pretty club/dance friendly, unlike Howie’s material. AJ did some humping to the stage, xD – which drove girls mad. LOL’ And he did really well with my camera, because many of his shots were on my favorites of the night…


After that, they decided to sing Panic, which… to tell you the truth wasn’t one of my favorites on the Unbreakable album, but sounded and felt better at the concert. I actually sang to it as well… LOL’ Who would’ve thought! Surprisingly fast, Nick decided to do his solo stuff from his Now or Never (2002?) album… a medley of Blow your Mind and I’ve Got You – which are also not my favorites but worked well at the concert.

Finally they sang some of the old fans favorites… a medley of Quit Playin’ Games (With my Heart), which later turned into As Long as You Love Me, which turned into All I Have to Give – with choreography and everything. xD A moment later, they sang Nunca te Hare Llorar, which is the Spanish version of I’ll Never Break Your Heart… which is another old BSB fan song… mixed with the English version of course~~ And finished that set with Inconsolable.

BackStreet Boys - All I Have to Give


Brian decided to grace us with his pretty boyish looks, and great voice and he asked the audience whether we had the Unbreakable album, to which everyone replied yes. Same thing with Never Gone, Black & Blue, Millenium, BackStreet’s and the original BackStreet Boys album – everyone said yes, but I wonder how many actually have the original physical albums, instead of fake copies or worse~~~ illegal mp3s, LOL’ – Anyway, he performed Welcome Home, which was at the top of the Christian Rock charts… and perhaps I could have been the only one who thought of the name. LOL’ Dunno about that~~

BackStreet Boys - Brian Littrell


After that, everyone when nuts when the guitar riff for The One began – because… let’s face it, The One is a great fun song! xD And even more awesome? They sang the most fun track from Unbreakable… yes, I’m talking about Treat me Right… which was produced by JC Chasez from NSYNC~ One of the reasons I enjoyed to listen to NSYNC’s Celebrity album were the songs produced by JC and Justin there. xD And JC + BSB was fun. Of course, the song later turned into The Call… and FINALLY! They sang Everybody – which is my dad’s favorite BSB song, and he turned to me and smiled when they began performing it. Truth be told, my dad had lost his faith to listen to that song that night… so he was almost in a glow. He still thinks is the finest BackStreet hour that song… the video. ALL. He’s totally over all of it.

Then the BSB went inside, and everyone was cheering and screaming and chanting. They came out once again, this time wearing the Peruvian Football Team Tees – which shouldn’t really mean much… REALLY. Coz Peruvian Soccer SUCKS BALLS. – But they were all eager and sh!t… and sang the encore, Shape of my Heart.

BackStreet Boys - Nick Carter


Yep, yep~ that was it people. There were cute and fun moments… these dudes know how to be charismatic on stage, and they seem like really good friends to one another. Nick has a lot of energy to bounce around on stage, and Brian… well, he’s the joker~~ funny when he took his shoe off during Treat me Right (because of the lyric).

Anyway~~ about the photos. Head over here.

Adammo 2.5/5
Belanova 2.5/5 (High School Musical is such a turn off)
BackStreet Boys 4/5

Top5 Amy Live Concerts:
The Futureheads (Vancouver – 2006)
Bjork (Lima – 2007)
BackStreet Boys (Lima – 2009)
La Ley (Lima – 2001)
The Killers (Vancouver 2005

2 responses to Full BackStreet Boys Unbreakable Concert Review

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmg. I went to see the Unbreakable tour but it was in August 10, 2008 @ 6:30pm. Lol that I still remeber all that haha. I absolutely loved it. I loved AJ’s song and Howie’s the most. Howie was hot!
    Only downside was the concert was outside and so there were no flashing lights or cool awesome acoustics but I still liked it bc bsb was there :)

  2. Where did you see them, Claire? I was lucky they came here, since it’s their first time in Peru. I was close to seeing them in Vancouver, because I was gonna be there during that time, but the Canadian embassy didn’t grant me a visitor’s visa. I showed them I don’t need them!!!

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