Sad ER – The End

August 2, 2008 — 2 Comments

I recently found out ER is ending! I remember watching ER back in the day… I’m still missing Dr. Green, and am I the only missing Dr. Romano???? Am I the only one that screamed when the helicopter fell on him??? I know he was a prick sometimes, but he was a good doctor.

I’ve sort of watched the show on and off…. more off than on, but the episode that stuck with me the most was the one were Lucy Knight died. All in the Family, I remember seeing it as a youngster~~~ Totally bawled my eyes. I miss Lucy~~~ Kelly Martin, I’ve seen her on a Hallmark thing the other day… I miss Lucy, LOL’ Lucy and Dr. Carter should’ve gotten together xD That scene lying on the floor after being stabbed, and them looking at each other… GAWD, heartbreaking.

What’s the saddest ER episode you remember?? I also bawled like a baby when Dr. Green died, and Carter was reading the letter. You all must think I’m a big wuss crying in everything… but I don’t usually do. But family and friends sad moments get me the most. I’m the one who laughed at my friend in the theater when we went to watch Moulin Rouge. Satine dies in Christian’s arms, my friend bawls like a baby, and I’m mocking her for sniffing.

Okay, maybe I can cry in private. Part of the bedroom acting experience. Ha! So what’s your ER sad moment?

2 responses to Sad ER – The End

  1. I read this post in a dream about 2 months ago!!!!!

    I thought it was a stupid dream. I saw this post. word to word same thing.

  2. Deja vu, mob?? No kidding~~

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