Why my Dad is the Coolest~

June 15, 2008 — 4 Comments

My dad is the coolest because:

  • He thinks “Songs about Jane” is a better album than “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”. (by Maroon 5)
  • He thinks Marion Cotillard‘s performance in “La Vie en Rose” was outstanding.
  • He thinks Daniel Day-Lewis‘ on “There Will Be Blood” was awesome.
  • He watches “Last Friends.”
  • He’s a fan of Juri Ueno.
  • He listens to Miyavi, Kobukuro, Jay Chou, David Tao and Faye Wong, among other Asian performers.
  • He likes listening to Kent.
  • He can watch “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Hulk”, “Iron Man” and “Get Smart”… and still can watch films like “Away from Her“, “Juno”, “There Will Be Blood”, and other more artsy films and enjoy them.
  • He knows who Carly Pope is, and his knowledge also includes other The WB’s Popular actors.
  • He knows who Marlee Matlin is.
  • He watches Desperate Housewives, HOUSE MD, CSI and The L Word. He also discusses the episodes with me, ranting about characters and stuff that happened on the last episode.
  • He has watched Firefly, Popular and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • He said Ellen Page could be the Next Jodie Foster.
  • He went to see Bjork Live.
  • He laughed his ass off watching Nodame Cantabile.


4 responses to Why my Dad is the Coolest~

  1. YOUR DAD LISTENS TO KENT?? Man can I adopt him??? And he watches L Word. Your dad is way beyond cool!

  2. LOL, yeah. He likes Vapen… but can u blame him?

  3. I know why your dad is the coolest, cus half his DNA ended up in U! (I wanted to say cus he birthed U but that might sound silly!)

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