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I doubt I will catch any more music videos by now, so here is my random list of best music videos in very random categories, because that’s what I do best, I think.

I’m writing as I go, so if I don’t make any sense. Forgive.

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Another music video post!
You know, it’s “that” time of the year again.
I think VMAs are next week?

Perhaps I can do a “best 2009 music videos” post by the end of the year, so all I need is keep posting videos I find interesting xD with songs I find interesting. So here it is…

Weekend Shorts

August 7, 2009 — Leave a comment

Reuters is reporting that Jay Chou has been cast as Kato (previously played by Bruce Lee on the series) on the new movie adaptation of the Green Hornet written and played by none other than Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express, Funny People) – really? LOL

I said it! Asian invasion!!! xD

The Lima Film Festival began today!

VMA Nominees Announced!
Normally, I would’ve done a different post for this, but I’ve lost my interest on MTV.
Can’t blame me, can you?

Womanizer… video of the year? – oh the sadness. Alongside Spears~~~ Eminem with We Made You, Beyonce with Single Ladies, Kanye and Lady Gaga. – REALLY??? I should really make a Look Back on 2008 Videos, I mean… there should be better, MUCH BETTER music videos than those.

Lady Gaga for the win, even though I didn’t really dig any of it. <- that’s a prediction.

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I just ran into this video.

O.O – it’s so great! So interesting, I want to see what each person does haha.
And there’s an “Amy” in it!! xD ~~~It’s sort of an “interactive” video, I think. At least it got the fans of the band involved in more than “we need fans to show up in a concert-type-setting for the music video.” This seems like it was a lot of fun.

And the music is pretty good as well, so I’m looking for their music. =D Any recommendation?

I would have… I totally would have listed Labuat’s Soy tu Aire video into my “breakthrough” videos of the year, but a quick Google search for “labuat soy tu aire” gave me a YouTube result with the “official” video that I can’t see because it’s NOT on my region. The fact that it’s not an official video… and that I can’t see the official video… *sighs*

Labuat - Soy tu Aire

Anyway, follow the link to the Soy tu Aire website.