Hey Jude~ Hey Simon, Hey Bi Xia~

This year’s season of The Voice of China is a bit on the meh side compared to last year’s. Some good talents, but not as awing as some of last year’s. This battle for Wang Feng’s team, though, from Simon Chung (鐘偉強) of Hong Kong singing it out with Beijing-based Bi Xia (毕夏) with the classic Hey Jude was pretty emotional.

The whole father/daughter interaction going on, because Simon took the time to guide Bi Xia through the song and Bi Xia’s knowing what he’d done for her makes the whole elimination process all the more painful.

Other battle highlights~

From Na Ying’s team:
Yi Guang Nian (毅光年) Vs. Sheng Yin Yue Tuan (声音乐团) – I Surrender (没离开过)

From Amei’s team:
Zhang Xin (张新) Vs. Liu Zi Chen (刘籽辰) – What’s the Trouble in your Mind (你在煩惱什麼) + We Are Young

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  1. This has to be one of the few best moments for China voice 2013. Pretty emotional. Bixia has the look and x factor, though I got to say she is not as good as the rest of the contestants yet. It’s almost an enjoyment watching her in all her performance. And Wang Feng obviously favour her and it was shown in the final knockout episode.

    • My dad passed away a week ago, so I guess this has just amped the emotional impact of this performance for me, since this was his favorite. I kinda stopped watching the show because my dad and I usually get pissy about the final choices, but I did read Bi Xia didn’t make it :(

      I’ve been watching a lot of backlash towards singers online though – Han Hong has a pretty low rating on Xiami in her latest release, and from what I could gathered, people seemed displeased with her from Idol, and the latest Wang Feng song also has low rating. Do you know what’s been the general consensus of this years contest shows?

    • Also, thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad. Take care…

    I’m not too familiar with the rest of the details. I am drawn to watch voice of China 2013 because of the few particular contestants :=) and I just watch a interview on bi xia on YouTube just a while ago.

    • I like watching the first few episodes of the show to see the variety. :) But they seem to vote off all the interesting ones, and make the boring ones the winners T_T

  3. goingyourway May 5, 2014 at 6:57 am

    Simon, love your spirit and love your singing!

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