Oh, Rani. You Got Some Funny Faces Too~

I have a weakness for funny faces [1][2][3].

rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-001 rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-002 rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-003 rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-004 rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-005 rani-mukerji-nayak-real-hero-2001-006

8 responses to Oh, Rani. You Got Some Funny Faces Too~

  1. These pics are from Nayak right? Any idea what part of the movie she flips her eyelids? I thought it was from the song Rukhi Sukhi Roti but I checked & didn’t see it.

    • Yes, these are from Nayak. It’s been a while since I saw the film, but I’m pretty sure these should all be from the Tu Acha Lagta Hai number. I checked on YouTube and only the last one seems to show up. Does she wear these bell earrings throughout all the movie? Otherwise Chalo Chale Purva seems like a good option. xD I got these screencaps from one of the big-sized Nayak movies available online. Maybe there’s two cuts of the movie?

    • It is from nayak movie at the scene where anil kapoor took photograph

  2. Rani Mukherjee looks pretty with her eyelids flipped. Do you know any other actress who have done funny faces in any other movies and keep posted.

  3. Can you name a movie in which Tabu have done funny face scene. I know few actress who have done eyelid flipping scenes in movies. Manisha koirala flips her eyelids in the movie oke okkadu.

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