Cool Point If You Spotted Tuva Novotny!

November 7, 2010 — 11 Comments

Chances are that if you know who Tuva Novotny is, you weren’t actually interested in watching Eat, Pray, Love… unless you’re a really hardcore Novotny fan. Or that if you’ve willingly gone to the theater to watch it, that you have no idea who Novotny is.

So cool points for you if you watched Eat, Pray, Love and you said:
“Hey, that’s Tuva Novotny! That’s Smala Susie, or Annelie~” xD

And she was speaking some Italian, which I found kinda hilarious.

But then again, I’m just really good with faces.

Some picspam!

Some images taken from Som en Fotograf by Robert Henriksson, and simple blueprint.

11 responses to Cool Point If You Spotted Tuva Novotny!

  1. Tuva!
    Gdi! I love it that u love so many Swedish entertainers. You should just move here….

  2. Wow thats an impressive number! I wasn't even aware that all of those titles were released internationally with English Subtitles. interesting that you have seen only one Bergman film and a bunch of other swedish films. Its usually the other way around.

  3. Ah so cool that CInemax shows foreign movies like that.
    You should see Hundtricket and Vingar av Glas with Alex Skarsgård those were his Swedish breakthrough roles.

  4. I really like her too. I'm just curious? Did she speak Italian well in the film or did she have a hint of a Swedish accent when she spoke it? I can't tell…

  5. I actually mistaken her for the Swedish celebrity chef, Tina Nordstrom! They look like twins to me!

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