Lee Hom Wang – I Need Someone’s Company

I was waiting for the official Leehom upload. UMPH.

There’s nothing wrong with some groping in artsy black and white.

Check out the YouTube version, though it might be blocked by Sony in your country.

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this, but Leehom’s been looking ageless for a few years now. Of course, you can attribute this to the Asian genes – you know we Asians look ageless… at least until we hit 60, or so Lainey says. I am waiting for my aunt to turn 60 in a couple of years, and test her theory.

I met my friend after year and a half, with her new beau. Me and her beau are the same age, and she’s a bit younger – he asked, how old I was and we figured we were the same age to which my friend said “she doesn’t seem her age, does she?” I still get carded, and last time I renew my ID, the woman there asked me whether I was getting a new ID or a minor’s ID. LOL

And alas~~~ I read Lee Hom says he prefers older women, so my cousin has better chances xD

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