Presenting the Yoshida Brothers

You know I’m a sucker for traditional music fused with modern music, so it wasn’t a surprise that I’ve gone pretty nuts about the Yoshida Brothers thanks to this post.

Though I am unsure on how their discography works (Japanese releases and International releases), since I don’t know if all of the albums contain different songs, or if some of the releases are just compilation of others.

Anyway, Rising blew me away.

as did KODO (literally meaning palpitation)

but not only do they do this, they also do fusion with blues, latin music, and even celtic!

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  1. Hi Amy, glad you enjoyed the post.

    A prime example of how an art genre informs the art of other cultures. This "collision of cultures" has elevated this traditional Japanese art form, producing an interesting intermingling of art forms.

    The result can be an entirely new art form with its own tones, sounds, and iconographies.

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