Eyjafjallajökull on Time-Lapse

So the Icelandic unpronounceable volcano, except for Icelanders and maybe Nordics… was all over the news for a while, but never did it look this AWESOME. With time-lapse, of course ;P

News channels should really hire people like this. But then again, it isn’t how pretty it is, but how fast you get it out, right? Hence no time for much post-productions? Still, I take this over their images~~~

2 responses to Eyjafjallajökull on Time-Lapse

  1. It is pretty alright but that stupid volcano almost fucked up my amazing vacation plus that thanks to it, we might have one of the coldest summers here in Sweden!

  2. Really? Isn’t the weather like 28C already?
    That’s what auntie and cousin just told me~~

    this footage = epic.

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