Let’s Pimp Some Amy Wong

May 8, 2010 — 3 Comments

We know all Amy Wongs around the world must compete against Amy Wong for attention, so while doing my random google search for tracking my stuff online, I ended up cyber-meeting Amy Wong.

Amy is the owner of Creative Melancholic.

And if I didn’t know I have my own WordPress account, I could have sworn I could be blogging there. Why? Well, because Amy is a designer. And Amy and I blog about some very similar things. She is even blogging about Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil (who made Mancora).

And I swear, this is not me talking in the 3rd person.

3 responses to Let’s Pimp Some Amy Wong

  1. That site was really good! Should I be trading Amy’s? lol

  2. hey, hey
    this is not some trading reality tv show…

  3. Amy Swap, lol. J/k.

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