When did this blog turn into…

August 21, 2009 — 12 Comments

an Asian-centric place?

I seem to complain a lot about the West lately. I dunno if you’ve noticed. I’ve noticed, and my parents have noticed. The four featured articles are Asian topics (kind of, since YAM005 has Yu LOL), I listen to a lot of music from Asia, watch a lot of films from Asia (though I’m also watching Mad Men Season 1 at the moment – actually on Ep08) – Everything seems Asia.

What the heck.

Have I opened my eyes to something I had never known before? Oh how I wish I had been so Asian when my grandfather was alive, maybe he would’ve been proud. I’m sure he’d be thrilled I’m all over Chinese music (I still got six albums to listen to xD), and maybe I’d be speaking Chinese by now instead of just fraking around.

So when did this happen? Why did this happen?

Is it because American music sucks? Is it because American celebrities suck? Is it because British music sounds the same? Is it because everyone on this side of the world looks and sounds the same? Or am I just tired of hearing how evil China is because that’s what they keep telling me on the papers and online news. Perhaps all the negative propaganda makes me like Asia even more.

Or is it the Anti-American “ideas” of everything American sucks? Because that’s what people think, right? But I don’t think so, I don’t have a problem with the American people… maybe their music industry, and their movie industry… and their media… or how the media portrays anything. No, scratch all of that. I have a problem with people in general. People suck, and I’ve become very anti-social. I don’t like western media, because that’s what I get to read since it’s all I can understand. I would probably hate other reporters and writers in Asian language if I could properly read what they write. But as it stands, I hate the media I get to hear and read about. The so-called defenders of the truth and objective point of views. I have given up on objectivity on television, but they keep shoving it in my face.

So yeah, it seems this blog (and YAM for that matter) is turning more and more towards an Asia focus because I’m getting more and more fed up with the West. For anyone else out there who find themselves only focus on Asian (or only Japanese, only Korean, only Chinese) Entertainment, why did it happen? How? When?

12 responses to When did this blog turn into…

  1. I am all up for YAM being all Asian u know…..
    But I will be back when I have gotten some coffe in my system *yawn*

  2. I don’t know, I partly feel responsible for all this Asian thing, first I caught the Asian bug (or drowned in the Hallyu wave) and then you kind of also went there.

    My reasons for walking away on Western culture has much to do as you say, people suck. I feel that Western culture at the moment is all about trash. I completely agree when Lainey says that there is hardly any true talent out there.

    Although what got me to fall for the Asian industry is perhaps the fact that its celebrities are supposed to be pure?
    Like they need to follow this rule of conduct or else suffer the consequences? Something that I on other occasions are truly against, but in the Asian culture, as it has been there since ages I love it.
    I love that the celebrities must behave, I love that they are painted as better as others. Eventhough I know it is all bullshit, I like the fantasy.

    But let us not get confused here. Asian culture as Western is similar, there is nothing in Asian culture that prohibits that a twat becomes famous because of her rack; albeit that there is a change coming. People are more concerned about talent more than looks (something that can be seen in Korean pop atm as a new girl-group is being released almost every week) and that is something that I like. I listen to a group if they can sing, not because they look good (in DBSK I just got damn lucky).

    Finally, I love the way the Asian languages sound. I might not understand jack shit but I love how it sounds. Bibi sounds so fucking good in Chinese. I have not even looked up her lyrics in English, I don’t have to. Her music speaks to me more than anything and, there is no need to know what is being said when you can feel it.

    Peace out

  3. Hi Amy,

    I like this post. I almost exclusively watch Asian cinema and TV shows (Korean coming in first, Chinese and Japanese tied for the next place). I don’t understand any of the languages, so I rely on subtitles. I got involved because of the dearth of substance in western media. There is just more emotion, depth and imagination in Asian media, mostly because they are not as constrained by populism and a desire to appeal to the lowest common denominator at the expense of artistry, narrative and creativity.

    I got my start when I read a review of Il Mare in 2002. Then I stepped through the portal with My Sassy Girl (which I LOVE – I have watched it almost 35 times – it just combines so much into one film) and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (which, granted, was made with the west in mind). One of my equal favourite films is House of Flying Daggers – it is such a rich film. Actually, one of the first Japanese films I saw (and one which got me hooked on Japanese cinema) was Hana and Alice.

    As for literature, I have taken more of an interest in more archaic Asian writing. One of my all time favourites is The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon (which led to a love of Chinese poetry, such as the writing of Po Chui).

    A big disadvantage is being illiterate in the languages, but there are usually good translations or reasonably decipherable subtitles to be found (though sadly not yet for Ahiru to Kamo No Koinrokka http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0997138 ).

    Also, it helps that the actresses in Asian media are waaay better looking than in western media. :p


  4. Also, I agree with what Julili said about how sweet the languages sound, even in the absence of translation.

  5. BTW I am pimping this in LJ!

  6. @Jara: IKR? There is something about the language that appeals to me!

  7. some good things happened, i happened to click on your blog twice in google results, without noticing, your blog is read worldwide !

    what you wrote was funny, honest and moving in some way!

    well, for my case i know how i got into asia without looking back at western industry anymore: it’s because i loved western industry so much in the past, that i started to predict anything after, and find no satisfaction at all, “a lot of things were missing”, “it should have been better if…”, i kind of started to watch what i already have in my mind, in the meantime i was hoping for real emotions film to come out one day, but it never did, i had, as anyone, a bad impression of asia, i thought that they only remake what western people do, and that they don’t give much importance to cinema at all, i thought that japan has manga and anime and karaoke music instead. i knew that i’m maybe wrong when i got into asian music 6 years ago, especially chinese and japanese, it was different, creative..and had emotions in, this allowed me to check a lot of things after, the biggest one was japanese films, i think Ping Pong was the first film i watched, it wasn’t that good, but it left a weird thought in me, that the peco guy wasn’t really acting ! he wasn’t something else other than Peco himself; and then i watched others and got emotional for the first time watching films, i found satisfaction, emotions everywhere, filmmakers who are doing their best to make us feel what they feel.

    err, i said random stuff, anyway salut !

  8. Let’s see how did I fall in to all things asian. Well while growing up I was always into like martial arts and the asian culture in general but in early 08 my bff’s got tired of hiding all the shit they were doing in relation to like asian music and doramas so they sat me down one day and said you’re going to sit here and watch this. So my first drama was Gouksen 2. From there I liked it and my friends were like “well those guys are in j groups” so they got me into the music then from j music i went into k music thanks to tvxq. I can’t stand western music right now. I hate living in Miami right now. lmao I really wish and i’m trying to move to japan soon. *crosses fingers*

  9. wow, such interesting responses!

    I sorta got pushed a little bit when my friend Diana introduced me to Jay Chou. Around that time I was also listening to Seo Taiji – but I’m guessing that was about it. Oh yeah, an Bi hahahaha… don’t forget about him.

    Then my first Asian album was a total lapse of personality because I based it on a superficial level. I had seen this dude on TV when I was in Shanghai, but since T was in Chinese and it was really fast we didn’t get the name until we got to Hong Kong and saw a HUGE billboard of Aaron Kwok – my mom and I went nuts. LOL ~ I was at the music store to look for Diana’s Jay Chou Orange Jasmine album and right next to it was the hotness of Aaron Kwok, and without even caring about having listened to the music. I bought it. BUAHAHA.

    Then for two years my Asian bug was sort of there, and I met Julz – and she was all Asian who? Ah? Yes, I know… who, ah? I went back home, Julz stayed and then she exploded with DBSK. xD

    Then I saw Juri Ueno on Last Friends because I had seen them being talked about in an Entertainment site, so I watched. The rest is history for me.

    Cyn, I was to move East too. Not particularly Japan… it could be Taiwan, Hong Kong or mainland China. LOL – I’m not picky, I just want out from here. – how about some pimping? How did all Asian Pop Addicts became addicts? xD

    Bin-kun! You left a comment! LOL – Yes, we’ve talked about how Japanese films moved us to the core.

    Jara and Julz~ I also love how the language sounds. xD But the grammar kills me haha. It just makes me happen to listen not to understand haha.

    I also liked how their celebrities have to pay dues to get their way. There’s no pussy shots, no coke lips, no assness. I don’t see it as a way to deceive (though that pure wholesomeness irks me a little bit). It’s just their job, their professionalism… and that’s what’s lacking on this side of the world.

    woah, long comment. 3D

  10. “Then for two years my Asian bug was sort of there, and I met Julz – and she was all Asian who? Ah? Yes, I know… who, ah? I went back home, Julz stayed and then she exploded with DBSK. xD”


  11. XD, yeah i did, maybe because today is special…i forgot to mention Teresa Teng as the first asian musician i truely fell in love with.

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