Komomoto – Peruvian/Japanese Fusion in Barcelona

September 28, 2009 — 3 Comments

If we’re talking Fusion food (which I usually love), you can’t get more
than a Japanese-named Peruvian/Japanese restaurant place in Barcelona,
Right? xD that’s a lot of places into one.

photo via Flickr.

I dunno what it’s like, but the typographic use is pretty cool no?
More photos and talk via EazyFood (French)

3 responses to Komomoto – Peruvian/Japanese Fusion in Barcelona

  1. Jajaja que mostro! pero no lo hubiera podido leer si no me decias q dice Komomoto XD medio dificil d recordar para el cliente… seria tipo: “ahh el restaurante con letras cuadradas de madera…” XD pero la idea me parece GENIAL!!

  2. My friend is now in barca, can see if I can make her go there…

  3. isn’t it?
    designers should open their own restaurants, so they don’t have to deal with clients saying “i don’t get it? can’t we have a sign that uses “font name”?” xD

    get ur friend to eat there xD

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