When life gets you down

August 23, 2007 — 4 Comments

You stop and curse. Yeah, that’s what you do. You curse at 3rd persons, you curse at yourself… mainly because of stupid mistakes, and appeal to the better nature of Peruvians. Because, really, in times like this, they SUCK.

Presenting Object A.


My dear old cell phone, bought with my Fido plan two years ago when I was beginning school. Yeah, nice… good old school memories. So many memories, in fact, one of them reflects this occasion but with a much better outcome. I was walking down 6th E. and Commercial Dr. when, all of a sudden, I noticed my cell phone was gone. Obviously, it fell from my pockets and I hadn’t realized. I panicked. I didn’t wanna buy a new cell phone, but I needed it… I had to get it back. Luckily, some woman had found it on the street and had stopped on the corner asking everyone passing by if it was theirs. Thank you.

Now, welcome back to my reality. Lima, Peru. I was coming back home from getting a hair cut, and left the taxi. I panicked… again. My cell phone fell from my pocket… again. This time I was home, so I called… and called, and called. I called over 20 times, 5 of those were picked up. No one talked. I talked, saying if they could return the phone to me. I left text messages with my contact phone and email, just in case. I talked each time the called was answered, but the last time, someone cut me off. I’m 99.9% sure I won’t get my phone back. This 0.1% of me is appealing to whoever has my phone to give it back to me. It’s not that it’s an expensive phone, I don’t even care much about the numbers in it, but it’s the memories. The emotional attachment to this piece of plastic and circuits that I don’t even like. I’m not a cellphone person, I hate buying them… heck, I just want it back just because it was my phone for two years, and I don’t wanna change it.

So yeah, lose a phone in Canada… you can get it back. Lose one in Peru, you won’t, unless you find someone really really nice. So be sure to know that if I ever find your phone, I will give it back to you. However, this m$&%&$&$$er hasn’t even bother to call, message or even answer my phone call.

4 responses to When life gets you down

  1. Poor Amiee……at least that person didn’t threaten you to pay to get your phone back.

    There were once I forgot my watch and left it in library. I was so lucky that I found it in Lost & Find the next day.

    My friend once left her wallet in the same library and she didn’t even know until someone phoned her, asked if she left her wallet. She even shouted at the guy cuz she thought it’s a fraud….but hell no, she found out the next day…haha! Anyways, she got a call from that person again and got the wallet back.

    Back when I was still in hk, I left my wallet in the school library once, yup, not surprise, all money or usable card are gone. Well, at least he/she left my ID and library card untouch. Oh yea, thank you.

  2. This is a msg from Seth;

    Let me tell you a little story.

    Sumit was coming to town and we went and picked him up in a taxi. As I was getting out my wallet was on my lap. I went to get Sumit and we hopped back in the taxi and sped off. We were almost at our destination when I suddenly realised my wallet was gone! Everyone piled out of the taxi and I told the driver to take me back to the spot where we left. I had all my credit cards, all my id and over 200 dollars in the wallet. I was sure it would be gone.

    Not long after we dropped the gang off I got a call on my phone. It was a girl who said she had found my wallet. I couldn’t believe it. I told the taxi driver to go where she said she was and lo and behold there she was, wallet in hand. I offered her some money as a thank you but she refused. I thanked her deeply and off we went again. I was so shocked and relieved.

    But thats not the strange part of the story. The strange part is that I was looking through my wallet and something wasn’t there. It’s not that there was anything missing. No it was that I realised there is nothing, NOTHING, in my wallet that has my phone number on it. I double and triple checked. Not a single thing. How did this girl call me to tell me she had my phone?!

    The conclusion here? That all Canadians are angels here to save us foreigners from our stupidity.

    I guess people in Peru are not the same. I’ll be thinking of your phone next time I use my wallet.

    that was really nice, Seth. LOL’

  3. Today we are gathered to say farewell to a very good phone. A phone that during the release of the last HP book kept a very crazy girl sane. A phone that made sure that Amy was always only a call away…. I’m sorry loca but things like this happens all the time. Be thankfull that it wasn’t a new phone, that would have sucked and is something that happened to me some years ago. The thing that sucked most was the fact that after loosing the phone I still had to pay for it cus I bought it on credit…. So be thankfull my friend and remenber to never trust your pockets.

  4. Awwww… pobechita amyshu… Asi es la gente… no solo en Lima pero tambien aca. Justo mi amiga Cindy me conto q se le perdio su cel en Chicago y que la persona que lo recogio lo estuvo usando hasta que ella cancelo la cuenta. Y te acuerdas de mi amiga que le robaron la cartera? Pues le paso algo peor porque ella llamo para recuperar sus cosas y esos ladrones babosos le pregunto que les iba a dar a cambio (refiriendose a algo mas fisico que material… tu sabes a que me refiero no?) Ademas que puedes esperar de los peruanos. Pertenecen a un pais tercermundista… y las personas prefieren beneficiarse a ellos mismos antes que ser honestos…

    Yo se como te sientes aunque yo no haya perdido mi cel pero si otras cosas que no tienen valor material para mi pero sentimental… como mis utiles escolares :( mi borrador que olia rico, o mi portaminas de hello kitty, o mi lapicero favorito… porque me traen recuerdos pues… jaja sonara tonto pero es cierto… yo siempre tengo un gran valor sentimental a mis cosas por mas “insignificantes” que puedan ser.

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