Disney Animation Collection – Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4

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First, let me tell you – I don’t physically own these collections. I am basing my opinion on the content of the dvds, their price and their overall value compared to other collections that contain some of the same shorts.

Disney Animation Collection 1: Mickey & Beanstalk [Amazon.com] which is another release related to this Fun and Fancy Free~~~ They both have Michey & Beanstalk short, what this new release has is the 1938’s Brave Little Tailor in which Mickey kills 7 flies in one blow and the townspeople mistake it for 7 giants, putting Mickey at the front to get rid of the town’s own giant. There’s also 1934’s Gulliver Mickey in which Mickey… eh, gets to a miniature people island. Also 1936’s Thru the Mirror and 1940’s Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip.

This is a pretty nice collection if you don’t own the Fun and Fancy Free DVD because in this one you get 3 great Mickey shorts – I have to admit I haven’t seen the other two~ but the $14USD price tag makes it accessible enough to purchase. Even more so because iTunes Short Films which only lists Brave Little Tailor at almost $2USD (if they listed all the titles or three of them, that’d be only $10USD or $6 tsk tsk).

Disney Animation Collection 2: Three Little Pigs [Amazon.com] is another business~~  This collection contains the 1933’s Oscar Winner Three Little Pigs short, alongside The Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Wolves.  In addition to those, they also include Lambert the Sheepish Lion, Chicken Little, Three Blind Mouseketeers, and Elmer Elephant.

If you’re interested in the Three Little Pigs, iTunes has the short at $1.99 – 7 shorts at $13.99 isn’t bad especially if you don’t own any of them, but if you own Disney’s Silly Symphonies Treasures, you’ll find four of those (all the piggy/wolves shorts + the elmer short) with more and more shorts. But hey, it’s now a collectibles item~ ;)

Also, something to note~~ The More Silly Symphonies Treasure (which you can buy at $17ish dollars and contains many great shorts) has Three Blind Mouseketeers.

Disney Animation Collection 3: Prince & the Pauper has 5 shorts, including 1933’s The Pied Piper, Old King Cole, Ye Olden Days, and 1946’s A Knight for a Day. The More Silly Symphonies Treasure contains The Pied Piper, as well as Old King Cole, however… none of the shorts appear on iTunes ~~

Disney Animation Collection 4: Tortoise & the Hare [Amazon.com] – contains 6 shorts including two Tortoise & the Hare shorts, Saga of Windwagon Smith, Babes in the Woods, The Goddess of Spring, and Paul Bunyan. Goddess is also included on the More Silly Symphonies collection, while the Tortoise & the Hare shorts + Babes in the Woods are included in the Silly Symphonies one.

If you’re interested in only the Oscar Winner short, iTunes has it listed at $1.99 ;)

Really only worth buying is Vol 1~~~

Seriously, Disney should stop rehashing~~~

Here’s a capture of a current Disney Shorts  iTunes catalog. Greenish, included in these DVDs while Blueish, included in the Silly Symphonies collections~~~

iTunes - Disney Shorts

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