Hate the World Today!

November 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

ARGH! >,<x

So the apartment where me lives is getting new paint, so me is crashing on the other side. They painted the ceiling today, and ARGH!! The paint splattered all over my graphic and photography books… of all the books I had, it had to stain the graphic and photography books. WTF! It splattered all over my Juri Ueno A Piacere, it stained my Yu Aoi Travel Sand and Dandelion… lucky for Yu, those two have plastic cover and they covered the Kaiten TABURU PB… but my Juri PB wasn’t so lucky… neither was my Mario Testino book, or some of my other heavily graphic books.

I thought you’re supposed to cover all stuff with plastic… so how the xxxx do they splattered on THOSE books.

Someone must pay! 8-S Someone’s tainted my PBs…

One response to Hate the World Today!

  1. waaaaaahhhh? Oki sure the painters are dumb for not covering the stuff but u are dumber for not taking precautions….

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