Celebrity Usagi Spotting – The Asian Peace Sign

September 26, 2008 — 6 Comments

WARNING: Possible extensive Usagi (Rabbit in Japanese) post ahead! – Of course I am talking about the Japanese or overall Asian style of posing for a photo. I’ve done it… I cannot escape, *looks at you* – You’ve done it too… ~~~~ I’m sure of it, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post in the first place.

Celebrities do it too. Some more than others… as you can see by some of the photos in this post. However, I was wondering what uncommon celebrities we could spot doing this ‘peace sign’ – you know, celebrities (asian and non-asian) who would be odd to find ‘usagi-ing’. For example, can we find a photo of Gong Li doing Usagi? How about Zhang Ymou, Tony Leung or Takeshi Kaneshiro? xD

Well, certainly Usagi is so powerful, since even BRUCE LEE can’t escape.

Bruce Lee - Screencapture - Usagi

Screencapture of the Enter the Dragon DVD – Even Bruce Lee can’t escape the Usagi posing. You might mistake it for the “Hippie Peace Sign,” but it’s all in facial expression, so you know Bruce is Usagi-ing xD

Here are other Usagi Spotting of other celebrities, please feel free to comment with other photos. xD

Yu Aoi - Kaiten TABURU wa Mutsukashii - with Ivy Chen

Juri Ueno - Usagi

Asami Mizukawa, Juri Ueno - Usagi

And those are just at the top of my harddrive~~~ Check back for other updates on Usagi Spotting! xD

6 responses to Celebrity Usagi Spotting – The Asian Peace Sign

  1. Haha yeah since I started my j-pop fandom have I started doing the usagi *sweatdrop* And belive me I don’t look good doing it…*major sweatdrop*

    Here a re my fav pics of the usagi! Fist of, of course MM:

    [photo 1]

    then we have the famous “usa-chan peace!” ^_^

    [photo 2]

    kawaii nee???

  2. Loca, the links you posted can’t be seen. Hotlinking is a big no-no around the web. xD

    Anyway, just an advice~ instead of *sweatdrop*
    how about:

    and *major sweatdrop*

  3. what is wrong with hotlinking? people are so damn uptight!
    And I kind of like my *major sweatdrop* it is soooo me!!! ^^

  4. Once you buy your own space, you’ll understand. An image can be 100Kb, but load that image somewhere else 10 times, and you can get 1Mb… and that by 30 days, that’s 30Mb less of your bandwidth… which is kinda sucky when you don’t have much of it in the first place.

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