My Favorite Actor is… WHO?

May 5, 2008 — 1 Comment

All the way back in September, I made a small list of some of my favorite actresses that people didn’t have idea who they were. But I don’t seem to have the same knack for spotting unknown names for male actors… funny, eh? I just realized this when making this list. Since most of the names are probably known, will post them from the ones I think are less known to the most known. And notice? No TV stars that I can recall~ WEIRD.

How could I forget him??? Just added him on the first spot of actors that you probably don’t know.

Brendan Fletcher (Saw him on Shirley Holmes, but he’s been on CSI and several other TV shows, and Films like Tideland, Everyone, and Freddy vs. Jason) Hardest pick to find a photo of…
Link Here?

Brendan Fletcher

Louis Garrel (You’ve seen him in The Dreamers, and Love Songs)

Jamie Bell (You saw him in Billy Elliot, King Kong, and Hallam Foe)
Jamie Bell

Gael Garcia Bernal (I would probably watch anything I can get hold of)

Emile Hirsch (You saw him in The Girl Next Door, and soon on Speed Racer)

And these other guys are probably too big of a name for this list, but will throw them in here anyway! Because I just want to post their pictures, hahaha. And I do end up watching their films anyway~

Ryan Gosling (He broke hearts with The Notebook, but he definitely rocked my socks on Half Nelson)
Ryan Gosling

Jake Gyllenhaal (You saw him in Donnie Darko, and he flipped Heath Ledger’s heart on Brokeback Mountain, duh!)

Eric Bana (He was The Hulk, and didn’t win against Brad Pitt in Troy, but he’s done Portman and Scarlett on screen, LOL Oh! And made Tom Crazy PHUNNY! *teehee*)
Eric Bana

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  1. Special mention to Christopher Gorham!

    He is just TOO adorable. I think I go all girly when I see him on screen. TRUST. It’s totally Bizarre Amy.

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