Love New Clothing

April 8, 2008 — 3 Comments

I’m not one to talk much clothing, but I just wanted to remind myself of these. I mean, like Julyssa said – being broke is always hard. I wish I had the money to buy these at

Swedish Rebel By WeSC
See the whole thing here. Or buy it for me, purdy please? ha!

The Bandit Hoody by Cardboard Robot
Bandit Hoody view.

The Comrade Hoody by Tank Theory
Comrade Hoody view.

The 8 Track Z/U Hoody by Obey
The 8 Track Z/U Hoody view.

The Crown Royal Hoody by Obey
The Crown Royal view.

The High Horse Hoody by Triple 5
The High Horse view.

The Break The Chains Hoody by Obey
Break The Chains view.

The Pollock Pullover by Soundgirl
Pollock Pullover view.

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  2. When I’m broke I make sure to not check out new clothes, why the hell do u make it harder for yourself?? Baka!

  3. And another thing, u have insanely expensive taste…. Baka!

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