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Crap, I’m gonna have to make an exception here, as James McAvoy has just turned 31 — about two days ago — but I had already added him to the list. I knew I was cutting it too close…

Anyway, McAvoy places #5 on the list of the 20 to Watch, which marks the first 5 names to be added. Now, I will add my 5 additions to the Actresses list, and we’ll continue with one guy and a girl ;P

Born in Port Glasgow, Scotland on April 21st 1979, James McAvoy is probably best known for playing Wesley Gibson alongside Angelina Jolie in the action film Wanted released in 2008. However, he shot to fame for playing opposite Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland in 2006. After it, he was cast as the male lead in films such as Penelope with Christina Ricci, as well as Becoming Jane alongside Anne Hathaway.

He has also shared the screen in the well-received Atonement with Keira Knightley, Saoirse Ronan and fellow the 20 to Watch Jérémie Renier. He followed the project with The Last Station last year, which was also received well in critic circles.

It’s true that he’s dropped out of projects due to personal reasons, but McAvoy still has a couple of projects for the next couple of years, starting with The Conspirator directed by Robert Redford, and sharing credits alongside Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, Robin Wright, and fellow the 20 to Watch Evan Rachel Wood.

I’m starting out my list this week… with lack of visitor’s response.

No complaining from you then~~~

I’m gonna start out with 5 of the guys, followed by 5 of the girls like last time. Only properly.

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The sites and have released their Hot100 list this year, and out actors Neil Patrick Harris and Portia de Rossi top their respective lists. Also in those lists…

Portia de Rossi

Jennifer Beals ranking in #2, Lena Headey in #3, Leisha Hailey in #4, Tina Fey in #7, Katherine Moennig in #11, Rachel Shelley in #12, Kate Winslet in #13, Ellen DeGeneres making up the Top15. Clementine Ford made it to #18,  Ellen Page (21), Pink (25), Emily Blunt (34), Jodie Foster (39),  Natalie Portman (41, what? behind LiLo??? Geez), Penelope Cruz (56), Mary-Louise Parker (57), Cate Blanchett (66), Anne Hathaway (83), Rachel Weisz (84), Maryl Streep (87), and Emma Watson at 99.

LOL’ That was a long not-a-list~

Neil Patrick Harris

The dudes at AfterElton show you the proper way to show a list… from the bottom up. Starting with Emile Hirsch (88), Patrick Wilson (86), Nathan Fillion (85), Matt Damon (84),  George Clooney (73), Clive Owen (72), Ryan Gosling (65), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (61), Lee Pace (60), Gael Garcia Bernal (59), James McAvoy (57), Christian Bale (56), Ewan McGregor (48), David Boreanaz (47), Justin Timberlake (42), Daniel Craig (32),  Johnny Depp (29), Brad Pitt (18). And rounding up the Top10, there’s James Franco in #10, Hugh Jackman in #8, and Jake Gyllenhaal in #4.

Not many Asians now, is there? =o(

, but need to share this. LOL’


Thank you, Nate… for poking my eyes on the voodoo dolls you’ve got stash away. Yes, we’ve done YAM. Please, help yourself to some YAM for Xmas over here

Hope you enjoy.

How sweet were my Oscar predictions? Pretty sweet, but not as sweet as 2003. I made a 18/24 mark, not bettering my 21/24 mark from that year.

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