Zhao Wei’s Cape Aesthetics~

I’m not one for girl fashion, but I just ran into this Zhao Wei Tumblr, and saw these pics of her wearing this cape. I love it. Is it Burberry? Since it’s the Burberry fashion runway xD I don’t know fashion show etiquette— can you go to a fashion show of a brand wearing another brand? xD

A couple of weeks ago someone shared this Modern Samurai Coats post from RocketNews24, which I loved. Like- LOVED. I would love to go out in the streets wearing that without being judged coz it’s never cold enough for that lol. I’ve always been super into baggy clothing (90’s child), and I’ve just started wearing baggy clothing once again. Harem pants are my favorite, at the moment~

4 responses to Zhao Wei’s Cape Aesthetics~

  1. This and the samurai-inspired clothing look cool. Bought a cape a few weeks ago (sale + employee discount), but it’s kind of formal wool. Maybe if it’s not raining on Christmas I can wear it then.

    • Oh yeah, I guess wool wouldn’t be exactly good for place where it rains a lot xD Maybe you could spray your cape with those water-repellent things? :D Lima is not very cold, but it’s really humid (usual 95%-99% humidity), so wool feels damp and makes it feel colder than it is. I feel better with a layer of cotton and layers of polyester lol

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