Mavis is Immediately Back~

Mavis Fan’s fans (no pun intended) rejoice! She’s got three songs out this year, making a comeback since 2009 with Immediately (當下, Dang Xia). Obviously, the East doesn’t give a flying fish about End of the Year lists or the Holiday season, that’s why they keep releasing stuff- business like usual. xD

Sorry, US-based users. I was only able to find the songs on Xiami. I know, geoblocks suck. But, as far as I know, the songs aren’t available anywhere else -even on iTunes TW- because it seems like a Xiami exclusive release.


I wasn’t aware that Mavis had added this free download link on her website.

2 responses to Mavis is Immediately Back~

  1. Those Mavis & A songs are all beautiful! It must have cost a fortune to record the songs plus make videos for all of them, and then to give it away, wow! I just hope this is a start of much more musical activity from Mavis. =D

    • I’m in love with her Chinese New Year video. I’ve missed her music so much, though I don’t think she wasn’t too unhappy in the movies I’ve seen her in.

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