Geeky Penelope Cruz for Nintendo

The commercials for Nintendo featuring Penelope Cruz and her sister work great. They still make me laugh. This one is still my favorite though;

Though, the other one with Mario Bros still has its charm. It’s also great to see that both versions in Spanish or English are difficult to pin-point which one was the original language. It doesn’t look like it’s been dubbed… or maybe it was shot twice, but it’s hard to tell if both version are slightly different.

2 responses to Geeky Penelope Cruz for Nintendo

  1. Penelope and Nintendo is such a weird combination….

    • I know, it caught me off-guard the first time I saw the CM. I totally thought it was gonna be a sultry CM for Nintendo, and then she was all geeked-out trying to cross a level. I still don’t get Penelope’s sister, though. The fact that most people say “Penelope Cruz’ sister” is most telling.

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