Best Wishes from Beijing

Dudes, so they finally released a finished version of the music video [1] xD which has atrocious rainbow-colored English lyrics xD But you can check some funny remarks and a quickie English translations from Beijing Cream.

You can also check a slightly better quality version of the video on YinYueTai — but still not crisp enough to be able to read the tiny English caption xD

I’m rather surprised I only know a little over +30 names xD and a little more of the faces, including a brief apperance by Ajia [1] and Li Yu Gang (李玉刚) whom… you know, you can’t totally tell from just the audio. I’m also rather SHOCKED that I didn’t get Song Zuying from early on the song but her later bit xD

Judging from the song alone (okay, and a bit of the video), Sa Dingding did great. This was her Beijing Welcomes You   [MV] 5-sec Bibi moment for me. xD The song is no Beijing Welcomes You, though. And I love some of Chang Shilei’s stuff. His 2008 Niu China album was my favorite that year, and he does produce some great songs like I Would Say to Them (对他说我愿意) [1] or HIGH歌 — OMG, are you watching The Voice of China [clip] [1]? xD

Also, the video is pretty cheap. Walking down a shelves of book of… what I supposed is the Beijing library or something. xD And also the people that weren’t in Beijing and obviously couldn’t be flown to shoot for the video because of budget. I’m looking at you guys, Eason and Aaron~~~ and Kelly Chen xD

Also, I’m now forced to add a tag for Li Bingbing because now I like her. I don’t know why, I don’t know what she did — actually, she just imposed herself on the movies I was watching, I think. It’s like… I look back at some of the people I liked, and my tastes have changed. I don’t like them much any longer, and people I didn’t think I would like, I like.

These are the people I know xD

Lang Lang (duh!)

Song Zuying (宋祖英), Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Han Geng~~~ of course, Jackie. xD Then there’s Eason Chan, Bibi!!! ~ Rene Liu, Harlem Yu, Li Yu Gang (mentioned above), Zhao Wei, Vivian Hsu walking in the shopping center and singing~

Joey Yung in the first cheap-ass background of the video xD, Zhang Ziyi has a prominent cheap background too. Karen Mok too xD Then there’s the unmistakable Chris Lee. Another cheap background for a slightly-bearded Aaron Kwok. And another cheap background for Kelly Chen.

Sa Dingding’s voice gets amped a little above the other Tibetan singers.

There’s also Yan Weiwen (阎维文). Some Tiger Huang Xiao Hu.

Some discreet and iffy looking Nicholas Tse. xD

There’s the Ajia cameo (I thought Robynn and Kendy would cameo too :( and if they did, I certainly need to see more of her photos because I did not see them and I haven’t learned their Chinese names haha ), then there’s also some Eric Tsang of whom my mom always says “I know that guy! He always plays a mob guy!” Ha! And finally there’s some Daniel Wu.


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