Yu Aoi for Tamatama Movie

August 25, 2011 — 5 Comments

I don’t… even know how she does it.

Or in general. How does Japan do it to not let anyone outside the production know that they’re making any type of movie? Because when they want you to, they make sure you know.

How is it possible that we find out Yu Aoi was shooting a movie in location in Ireland a little over a month before the movie is set to open? Yes, Yu Aoi’s new movie is called Tamatama (translated to “by chance”) and is set to open on October 15th.

Little details are known from this Tokyograph report:

The film’s main concept is “tamatama,” which means “by chance.” Aoi plays a young woman who travels to Ireland, and the fantasy story depicts her life there as she encounters different people and places, resulting in occasional “miracles.”

Except for the miracle part, it sounds a lot like One Million Yen Girl… sans the Bitter-bug. xD

The film marks the debut for CM and MV director Komatsu Mayumi (小松真弓).

5 responses to Yu Aoi for Tamatama Movie

  1. Sounds good to me. I like it being set in Ireland.
    Btw, it seems that quite a lot of J artists (actors, musicians, singers…) have some connection with that country, How come? The music, The insular culture?

    • I dunno, I always thought Yu-chan being labeled a Mori Girl made her look like a little troll or gnome or leprechaun LOL I like Ireland xD – in my celtic music days, I even though of maybe going to study there. The culture, I think it lends itself for a certain mysticism, so it’s perfect to Tamatama! xD

  2. Wow, the concept of this seems like a potentially awesome film :D So glad Yuu is the leading actress this time :) Gorgeous scenery is a sure thing, but I hope the movie manages to glue the theme together so that it can be enjoyable. So excited xDDD

    • Wonder how many Yu Aoi fans are in Ireland xD I’m actually pretty excited with Yu-chan leading a new film… not that I didn’t like her in Raiou. But it seems such a rare thing to have both lead roles so close together.

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