I love you Bibi, but…

I don’t recognize you.

I swear that if I ran into this video without knowing what your name is in characters, I wouldn’t know it’s you. I also have stated that when you released Time, and many people complained that it was boring, I said that it was a well-produced album expanding your vocal range.

I like your two last albums, but your performance of the songs is not up to par with what you’ve previously performed, and it’s because you’re letting the production overpower your talent. And I don’t mean it so you stick to R&B – I actually really REALLY love your duet with Priscilla Chan. One of the most quality presentations vocally you’ve ever done.

FYI, I’m aware this is a fan-shot video.

But even if production and video quality are better than the other between the examples, you have to admit that the big dress and big hair is overpowering her presence on that stage, and the song is too mellow to be presented like that.

I’ve said her album Time would be better suited for an acoustic.

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  1. W.T.F


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