Wizarding World at Orlando, FL

Ok… gotta admit. Kinda overly giddy.

[iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aUGbvLgOyrs?rel=0″]

Luckily for me, I hate crowds… so I would probably skip this for the rest of the year. xD Plus, a Harry Potter setting would look much better in winter or fall… even if it’s a Florida winter~ xD

Could you imagine if there were actual snow in Hogsmeade? SPAZZ xP

I want my wand, and to taste butterbeer… and I actually wouldn’t mind eating there.

Lainey’s description was amazing.

5 responses to Wizarding World at Orlando, FL

  1. Oye, you and I have to go together because it is HP, the reason we are friends! Loca! We should go for our anniversary next year!

    • hahaha, and we're gonna play that we're gryffindor students in hogsmeade?
      ZOMG. Need to save money, get my visa updated xD

      • do it! I am thinking about going this autumn, if not next year.
        We need to get our wands! Shout PUMPKIN PIE FOREVER! THIS SHIP NEVER DIES! Omfg loca, this is the trip we need to do together!

  2. Como friki fan de Harry Potter, un sueño hecho realidad.

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