Woah, those crazy fans~

November 15, 2009 — 3 Comments

I just sorta had a surreal experience while shooting a gig last night. After the 50min. gig, I was waiting coz I had lost my dad in the audience — hahaha, he’s like my bodyguard. You know, tiny girl + big camera is not a good combo at nighttime. Anyway, the band finished playing and were getting their gear packed when girls starting gathering around the entrance. Then the screaming started, like ear-splitting screams… they sounded three times the number they actually were. In the end, the band and the rest of us went the other way, from a side exit.

Once we got out of there, and security closed the fences, chicks had followed us there and kept on screaming against the fence. I was just startled, and it was kinda funny. So we ended up on the building where they were hanging out before the gig, and went up 3 floors. They chilled a bit there, when bam! Fans were downstairs waiting for them to show up on the balcony. Honest to blog, there weren’t that many, but they sounded like a hundred. LOL

The band began throwing signed stuff liked print-outs, and other paper. And I threatened to throw some tempura because honestly I was kind of starving, so I camouflaged my pass and my gear and quietly left to get my dad, and also get something to eat. I didn’t eat much either. Too many people~~~

3 responses to Woah, those crazy fans~

  1. I saw a poster “Somos los nenas de Alex” xDD
    BTW I hate when they screamed at my ear

  2. loads of fans screaming and creaming. LOL

  3. lol
    I do the Japanese style of fandom. I love them silently….
    Not like the crazy Koreans, dayum!

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