Toy Story 3 Trailer~

I was never a huge fan of Toy Story,
mainly because I find Woody and Buzz very annoying…
they have their moments, but overall – not very likable to me.

But this trailer is so sad. xD

It’s so sad when we gotta grow up, and move on.
Think of Christopher Robin and Winnie Pooh!!!
Imaging having to tell someone you care that you
can’t come and see them again because they
must go on living. Aww, saddest.

3 responses to Toy Story 3 Trailer~

  1. OMG!
    I can’t believe he grew up … I almost cried when Woody looked over the room ;'(
    It´s so sad ;(;(;(;(;(

  2. LOL
    I made my kid bro leave a comment, he might start spamming here now… lol

    HE was the hugest TS fan, he has the movies on vhs and refuses to get them on dvd. I remember watching TS all the time during the weekends when he was growing up.

    Seeing this trailer, I fell quite sad….

  3. hahaha
    I have TS on DVD xD

    Growing up is so sad, LOL’
    I felt that way reading Winnie Pooh hahahaha.
    no, seriously.

    *Hi, Erik!
    Finally off the lurking mode.

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