Sep 11

Pimp the Blog!

From time to time, I link back to Julz blog, even though most her postings are now locked. What’s up with that, Julz? xD Anyway, I think it’s time to pimp blogs from time to time because, well… some blogs have simply good taste.

So I’m here to PIMP murmure*

murmure* is a Japanese blog in Japanese – don’t worry, you can still try to read it with Google translate – that talks about some different things, among those things are 3 mighty fine topics~~~

1. Yu Aoi
what better topic subject than Yu Aoi? Well, there’s a lot of focus on some great photoshoots, and some of my favorite Yu projects… like Camouflage, Osen… One Million Yen Girl. junco-san has certainly good taste.

Yu Aoi - Dandelion

2. Ryo Kase
can’t ever go wrong with Ryo Kase. He’s also not your average hunk idol. There’s very little places online where you can find scans or people fuzzing over his photos. His a great actor, and has great on-screen chemistry with Yu!

Ryo Kase

3. Mikako Ichikawa
not enough people fuzz about her. Mikako Ichikawa made it to the “Mori Girl” list – whatever that means… – and she’s been on many magazines, and a few films and dramas. Best feature? That face, man~~~ She’s got one of those faces you’ll love to photograph and stare at… especially when she pulls her hair back. And I bet she can totally pull a Shane.

Mikako Ichikawa

4 responses to Pimp the Blog!

  1. It is friend-locked cus I dunno… It felt right?
    I will though unlock posts that I feel are oki to share with the public.

    That seems like a good blog! Specially for you!

    Mikako’s face pulls me!!

  2. I’m telling you, she can totally pull a Shane.

  3. I want a Mikako/Yuri collab!

  4. maybe write something and send it to them haha

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