Go Digital, Save Some Trees~

August 20, 2009 — 1 Comment

Though, I must admit… some printed magazines are so pretty.
xD – though a magazine like National Geographic should go completely green.
but that’s just my opinion…

Anyway, here comes an article saying that CBS will be running a video ad on the newest issue of the printed Entertainment Weekly. Say what? I must be confused!? Nope, nope~ it’s true, it will be a tiny 320x240px screen of 2mm of thickness, and you’ll be able to watch their Fall line-up.

Hmm… okay. I’ll be honest with you. I hardly watch any television, that means I hardly watch any commercials on TV – Now, if I don’t watch commercials on TV, I don’t think I’ll watch them in a magazine. To be even more honest, all commercials I watch are on-line… maybe YouTube, or on one of my favorite motion graphic/design websites.

I still support digital media!

Like this Paperless Book by Piel.Skin – an architecture book with Google Map links included! LOL – Now, that’s useful, right? – Also check out this old article asking if we are ready for digital paper… obviously we aren’t.

I remember seeing a prototype for a digital newspaper that used e-paper with simple motion (shaking the paper, folding it, etc) that would change the page/news section of your newspaper “virtually”. Can you imagine that? Sitting on your kitchen table one morning for breakfast, grab your blank e-paper. Shake it once. Headlines appear. Shake it once more, and it skips to the next section. Fold it and open it, to continue to next page. O.o Nifty.

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