Top5 Online Time-Wasters

August 19, 2009 — Leave a comment

You fuck around a lot. Don’t lie.
Checking your e-mail instead of working,
playing online games…
I even know people who watched DVDs instead of working on their finals…
or watched the stream of their favorite Korean variety show/novela~~~

These are my top5 time wasters… lately.

Lainey Gossip

1. Of course it is. Lainey and her wit. Her mom stories crack me up~~~ In the end, I spend far too much time reading this. Oh, Lainey! I had a dream about your blog last night – LOL, I was reading your blog and I saw a post where you said that we should watch (500) Days of Summer together if I was in town. Buahaha, I remember that because I woke up and cursed out loud.

Flixster on Facebook

2. Flixster application on Facebook. Because I love films, and I like to show off. I won’t give you a cyber gift for your birthday, I won’t give you a cyber hug, I won’t accept your cyber fortune cookie, and I won’t care if you’ve got a cyber secret on me… but I will recommend you a movie to watch. There are only a couple of apps I use, and Flixster is one of them.


3.  The place to focus on all things interesting! Illustration, photography, animation, motion graphics, typography, trailer, music video, novelty items, electronics, etc etc – you’ll find here.


4. Something similar with Trendsnow! and its sister sites TheTrendyGirl, SoundsHunter, and EazyFood. You’ll find anything to look your coolest with your friends. xD Plus, it’s in French, so you can show off.


5. And last but not least… Pitchfork, the place where they’ll make you feel you have the worst taste in music. LOL Not really read it, but love to check out the stuff they talk about. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t… but that’s the beauty of it all~~~

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