Late Music for the Month!

October 8, 2008 — 5 Comments

Oops! Took longer to post about the music of the month this time because I wanted to go through most of the music I had on my “to listen” list. Finally did, JUST this second!

So without further ado, the list

  • Beck
    • Mellow Gold
    • Midnite Vultures
  • Bi – Rain’s World
  • Blackstreet – Another Level
  • Counting Crows – August And Everything After
  • Daniel Powter – Under the Radar
  • Diana Krall – The Girl in the Other Room
  • En Vogue – Funky Divas
  • Hawksley Workman
    • (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves
    • Los Manlicious
  • Hootie & the Blowfish – Cracked Rear View
  • Jay Chou – Capricorn
  • Juri Ueno – Jiji no Etegami
  • L’arc~en~Ciel
    • The Best of L’Arc~en~Ciel 1994-1998
    • The Best of L’Arc~en~Ciel 1998-2000
  • Micro – MAX OUT (Odore!!! Go, Osen Go!!) xD
  • Mr. Children – HOME
  • Radiohead
    • Kid A
    • Pablo Honey
  • Salt-N-Pepa
    • Blacks’ Magic
    • Very Necessary
  • Seo Taiji – Moai ****
  • Shiina Ringo
    • Chalk, Semen, Chestnut Blossoms
    • Electric Discharge and I *****
    • Heisei Manners
    • Innocence Moratorium
    • Shouso Strip *****
    • Singer’s Luck ~part one~ *****
  • Spin Doctors – Pocket Full of Kryptonite
  • Tackey & Tsubasa
    • Love Song/Progress (Koi Uta, more Osen LOVE!!!) xD
  • The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done
  • The Verve – Forth
  • Third Eye Blind – Third Eye Blind
  • Tokyo Jihen
    • Adult
    • Education
  • Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge SoundTrack (Actually, only Tchin Tchin by Camille)
  • Memories of Matsuko SoundTrack (Magete Nobashite!!!!) *****
  • Osen SoundTrack (WEEEEEEE)
  • Our Last Day – Casshern SoundTrack
  • Secret SoundTrack (Jay Chou!)

You might have noticed a lot of artits from the VH1 list of Best 90’s songs… LOL – Yes, I went nostalgic and listened to them again xD

5 responses to Late Music for the Month!

  1. OMO!!!! I almost spit out my coffee! Is that really Tackey and Tsubasa I see on your list, like Tackey and Tsubasa???
    Are u a closeted JE fan???? *giddy*
    So did u give up on Mirotic after the first go or do u still listen to it??? I cannot think that you are immune to the beauty that is “Love in the Ice” Sure the japanese version is better but still…..

  2. Yes, Loca… Tackey & Tsubasa. I didn’t know they were JE. LOL – To tell you the truth I did like them much… I think I like 1 or 2 from their Best, and Koi Uta just brings Osen memories, so… xD

    I actually like DBSK more than them xD Is that good?

  3. HAHAHAHAA U just made my day!!!!
    U didn’t know that Tackey and Tsubasa were JE?? Were u like born under a rock???
    If I can make u listen to more DBSK then yes that would be good!!!

  4. Oops, typo. I meant “didn’t” – I dunno who belongs to JE… I think I just found that Uchi (Yocchan in Osen) is also a JE? Dunno.

  5. Yes he is JE, I actually didn’t recognise him cus he was cuter when he was younger! He used to be In the groups NEWS and Kanjani8 but was suspended when he was caught drinking underage. I didn’t even had a clue that he was back. After the scandal he was suspended for some years and then came back in 2007 but as a trainee.
    After seeing Osen I’m very glad that he is not longer part of NEWS hahaha, he is like to “blah”

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